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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Want to learn to sew?

I'm excited that I haven't forgot how to sew. I also just realized yesterday I don't have to go to fabric store and pour over the pattern books anymore it's all online! Duh! Technology has blessed sewing the same as everything else. Then I wondered if you could buy patterns online and print out and what do you know you can. Or at least you can on the Butterick site. But I think the tissue paper patterns are probably a lot easier to work with then taping all that computer paper together....

But I also stumbled on to these great videos that went step by step on how to read a pattern and thought wow that's amazing for someone who doesn't know how to sew. So here's the link.


So I was looking at Butterick dress patterns and looked at B5879 and saw hey they are now modifiable for your bust size. They didn't have that 20 years ago but then luckily I was a B cup. Well 20 years later and one baby I'm now a D cup so I hadn't even thought about that. I was luck the outfit I made had a poofy blouse. But come to think of it the corset did kind of run into trouble in that area hmmmm so I'll have to make some patterns for the D crowd and pick up how to alter ones that don't have the adjustment.

Working on my outfit with my hair styled for Halloween (the dry run).
Rylie must have snapped this and I didn't even know it.

Actually I liked my hair better the first time. Second time it was a little too much. And I look pretty tired. My mom ended up in the hospital the weekend before so even though I worked so hard to NOT procrastinate and do it all in the end, I ended up working 3 nights in a row until midnight or after to finish it. I guess it's not procrastination if you start early and it takes a long time and events happen to derail you. So yay for me! Vyvanse it a miracle drug. In the past I would have made huge mistakes due to not following the directions and that never happened, I only had to do things again because I changed my mind about certain things. I found this striped fabric in our storage unit that yes would be 20 years old and was in perfect condition along with 5 yards of linen that didn't fair so well and pseudo leather that looked a little worn as well. It was exactly what I had been looking for the contrast on the skirt and couldn't find so I changed to that instead of what I bought. I hadn't cut out the other yet luckily but I had cut out the lining for the corset and I didn't like it. It was too thin. So I used the contrast I bought for the skirt as a lining instead. And I did have to do it twice. The first time I sewed it with 5/8" seam allowance and realized oops it was the one set of seams that was supposed to be 3/8". Luckily I had so much of it I just cut it out again. But I almost ran out of interfacing. Since I was using fusible I just had some peices fused with hodgepodging of the interfacing.

So I planned on much more detail on the corset but as I said above I didn't exactly like the fit and I didn't have time to purchase good boning. I used the usual plastic stuff they sell at Joann's and now I know why the people in the know discourage it. Parts of my corset are permanently bent. I really would like to purchase one instead. Normally yes I want to make it all myself but I can't hold a candle nor do I have the time to figure out how to make one out of leather or even better vegan leather. Check out this corset on etsy I want so bad!!!!


or this one:


Next question.... where else can I wear steampunk clothes? Can I wear them around the house and to work? Because I sure love them.

What about this one?

Or this one?

It wouldn't be hard to make that top and skirt. Sigh... just need more places to wear the stuff. Maybe I could just be Steampunk Mom at home! I bought a pair of new boots on ebay that will complement these outfits nicely that were originally $475 and I got them for $80!!!! Yes that's right!

Much more comfortable then the silly stiletto boots I wore on Halloween that I'll NEVER wear again. 
(They were borrowed)
1917 spyglass replica came from India took long time...

Costume goggles already broke

New goggles for future....
These are from the Etsy shop Steampunk Wasteland. 

Yes I 'm thinking I don't have to make it all and I can support other craftspeople or should I say Artisans. I know look at me, big step.... I am willing to not do it all myself. Especially as my nerf gun really didn't look that good and the paint fumes gave me a headache of magnificent proportions. I will buy a gun as well. I really would like an antique real gun... doesn't have to work rather it didn't. Maybe a stage prop.

Oh and check out this skirt and the colors... remind you of anyone.

I'm thinking about buying a dress form so I can use it for sewing and when not using it for that just having my steampunk costume on it and working on the details. Or I could make a dress form out of duct tape for that.... Have you seen these?

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