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Monday, March 17, 2014

Finally getting somewhere with a sock... Amaranthine Almondine I'll call her!

Now if I could just figure out what they mean by chain stitches at each selvedge edge of the heel flap? Oh wait I think I found the answer! It naturally happens when you slip the first stitch of each row of the flap. Well why didn't they say that. That's what the introductory lessons are for that you skim through because until you get to that part of the sock it doesn't make sense anyway.

I miss my friend Debbie Held from college. Per instagram she's a wicked knitter as well. Just check out this screen shot of her instagram profile.

She may say engineers make good knitters. But clearly linguists have all the style!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Check out this sewing space from Houzz.com

Another Sewing Adventure and Valentino Fall 2014

I did get the dress done and made a matching dress for Rylie. Rylie also got to be the flower girl for Ame's wedding which thrilled her for sure.

Exploding Bobbins
I didn't even think my dress was going to work. My fabrics while made by same designer and match perfectly don't work well together as far as fiber content. The stretch taffeta is thick and stiff and the sequins are on a knit fabric. So applying a taffeta ruffle to a knit bodice? Not going to work I'm afraid. But it did work. Later I realized I'm out of practice. The real reason it was so hard was I didn't do 2 rows of basting for gathering just one. I did it right on the sleeves and it was relatively easy.

But then I went to fill another bobbin and it didn't automatically shut off like it's supposed to and then half of the bobbin exploded off the machine. This happened no matter how I loaded it and I found I could put only a 1/3 or less thread on a bobbin and have it stay intact. So that was a bummer. Thursday morning I broke my remaining bobbin. Oh and I should mention I bought this machine off ebay for a pedal for my original sewing machine. But then the feed dogs stopped working on it so I switched to this machine, Well it actually doesn't use the same bobbins although it should? Looks like the bobbin mechanism, bobbin case and such must have been replaced with newer parts that weren't the originals. That explains why these bobbins won't wind right.

So I go to Prairie Points, the local Viking dealer and explain my situation and buy more bobbins. I thought maybe after I finally get my dress and Rylie's done, I'd bring the machines in and have them combine the best of both for one good machine. Well that's going to cost a lot of money. It's $75 just for an oil and cleaning? What! Ok I'm going to have to learn how to repair these things myself. That's crazy. I'm sure it's on you tube! Meanwhile, however, I am running out of time and don't have a working machine unless I use just a 1/3 filled bobbin and that's if they don't explode.

Husqvarna Viking H|Q 100 

So $405 later I had a new sewing machine. I didn't buy it the first time I was there. I looked at the machines and they said this one was also kid friendly. Rylie enjoyed sewing on Ame's machine but found the ebay machine not friendly. So I called and skyped my husband. No answer. Ok I am on my own here, I'm going to get the machine. And even with this super duper new machine I sewed late Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday until 1:30 pm to get it all done. I was done basically Friday night until Rylie announced her dress was too itchy to wear. So I sewed another "copy" of it to line it.

Ame's Wedding Amazing! (And Derek's too!)

Our Dresses:

Ok so not a great picture. I'll take one later of both of them on a hanger or something.

Valentine Fall 2014

So perhaps this dress would be nice to make next but how to make the matching shoes?

As if I could walk in such a shoe!

Now that is a cool stool!


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sock Challenge: Ongoing Struggle to Master the Sock Knit

So I've tried a couple patterns for socks and even a sock loom and so far all have been frogged. I'm a tight knitter and these projects typically call for size 1 or 2 needles and wow it's hard to see the stitches. But I'm determined to figure this out. So I bought the book Sock Knitting: Master Class hoping it will do just that.

I found a forum on Ravelry doing a KAL (Knit Along) on this same pattern. I also found another blogger working through same book that did this in 2011 so should be well experienced by now.


And I've already posted a reply on her second post about this project begging for help.