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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lavish Cape done

 Here it is on Rylie who sadly isn't that much smaller than me anymore. I mean she is a string bean but she's sure catching me in height. 

It's hard to see in photos but I had what I believe was a genius idea. The pattern called for changing to a yarn that was identical but had glitter in it when you got to the part where the open weave is starting and leaves are ending. I couldn't find a yarn I liked with glitter, in green, and new yarn that fit the bill for matching skeins cost $100. I started it in cheap yarn because I wasn't that sure of my skills. However, it was turning out better than I expected so I hated to waste my effort. So we braved the tornado weather last week (we were in Chicago) and walked to a knit shop. I originally was going to try and find a similar yarn with glitter to switch to but nothing would work. And I found this beautiful yarn for my NEXT cape from this book. So I left without a solution. 
Then it came to me!
Metallic thread. Why not carry a strand (or two would have been even cooler) of metallic thread to just add some glitz and make my own glitter version of the yarn. So I did and it worked great! 

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