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Monday, December 22, 2014

First An Abstract

After watching Outlander and finishing the first season on the Winter Solstice it seemed appropriate to paint Craig da Nun. So I blocked this out and kept working on it then decided I liked the abstract version. I couldn't bring myself to make a more realistic one. Maybe I'll do another one and make it more realistic. But this one looks 3 dimensional like this.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Latest Project/Obsession.... Art Journalling

It started with an impulsive purchase (doesn't everything?) of the No Excuses Art Journaling book at Joann's Fabrics.

But it's actually been so awesome. I've wanted to journal forever but I was spinning my wheels because I thought journaling had to be just writing. Hah! How silly! Seems obvious now. And the best part is it gives you monthly assignments. So I can do a little art everyday without having to get into the mess of an acrylic painting. I still do that of course especially on Mondays but I can have the therapy that comes from doing my art without the mess.

So here's pictures of it so far. It's not as cool as some of those on pinterest or what not but it's just for me to express myself so it doesn't matter. A lot of these journals are done by professional artists so don't compare yourself to them. THEY DO ART FOR A LIVING. I'm just documenting living through my art and it's my art. So I'm not worried about it. (Jeanna Fearon would be so proud!) You can see I had to work through this by my prior 2 blog entries where clearly I was a little OCD and stuck at first. http://rebeccasotherlife.blogspot.com/2014/09/back-to-journaling-project-or-tyranny.html and http://rebeccasotherlife.blogspot.com/2014/09/art-journaling.html

$3.99 journal from Michael's
Washi tape! Now that may add up. But it's so helpful for adding in more pages, affixing a plastic envelope and my favorite business card.

Then I took my current daily planner that I carried in my purse and cut all the pages out and added them to this journal. Which was soooooo much easier than making your own tabs plus then I'd have the calendar grids to use. Many people buy a larger desk type calendar and add blank pages. I started with smaller size blank journal and added calendar pages. I had to do it my way. 
Pictures I "googled"of water for the grid drawing with copic markers. The markers I bought back for landscape drawing class.

So this is a collage with a poem for September. It needs more stuff or painting but I'll get there when I get there if I get there.

Ink drawing of view of island from lobby at Couple Tower Isle, Jamaica, sigh......

On your daily spaces you always record 3 or 4 things, the weather, some pattern, and a word and a color for the day. At first I forgot the pattern and focused on drawing the weather. 

You also draw these boxes that are roughly playing card size, one for each week, to do contour drawings. From what I gathered a contour drawing is done quickly in ink while looking at a picture with the goal to increase your speed and reduce need to keep looking back and forth from picture to drawing to picture to drawing. 

You add one envelope (or more I'd think if traveling etc) to collect your monthly epherema. Which to me meant mostly pictures I cut out of magazines and brochures from Jamaica or tickets to concert or from travel. I also decided in November to cut out small squares of "patterns" or "textures" since I'm supposed to be drawing a pattern daily and often can't figure out what to draw.  I figure I'll "draw" one from the envelope then draw one. (sorry for the puns)
The whatchamacallit

From the book "No Excuses Art Journaling", hereafter NEAJ,  there are links you can scan the whatchamacallit with your phone, takes you to a link, where you can download and print these inserts for your monthly "themes and assignments".  So this month I was supposed to draw a house (it said from imagination but that would have been way too simple) so I found a dream house and drew that instead.
The house from Houzz.com

My monthly collage of colors that say October to me, some fashion, a stamp that didn't stamp well, an owl from a download from NEAJ, and lots of Washi Tape.

You can see here I was in Albaquerque and finally was adding a pattern or in my case picture along with weather, word and color. The picture on the right was from draw something you see right now. It was a painting next to our bed in the hotel room. It''s sideways here but you get the idea.

This idea was directly from NEAJ book and you can see the Harvest Moon assignment there as well below.

So here's some examples in the book that I just copied. I figure copying is good practice.

Journal still in Albaquerque... fuuny word Albaquerque

Novemeber grid waiting patiently for me to decide what to fill it with. I have penciled in the rest of the month grids themes I may try but nothing is set.

I love this Red Riding Hood into the Wolfffffffff we go! It's also a copy and the webpage is there on bottom.

Halloween Collage! Will add pictures of how we looked once I get printer to work! Argh!

Last night I added some extra pages that fold out. This is a variation on how to do your to do list. I put all these tasks on this page last weekend. As typical I had 4 times the tasks humanly possible but that's ok worked on them again this weekend. When done I color in with a random watercolor pencil. Then later I use water to change it to paint. Also attempted to draw a zipper as that days pattern along with a collage of cool fashion but took up 3 days!

Big problem I foresee is only 3 months in and journal is already huge. But many of the pages I now add in are empty pages I rip out from the same journal so hopefully won't get too much thicker.

I also want to do a garden journal and maybe a Christmas Journal? CRAZY I know.

And for those of you who would like a more Christian theme for your art journal just add Bible Verses and prayers and stir thoroughly. Hee hee. It kills me that some people were criticizing the above book for pagan themes? It's art people. It's whatever YOU put in it. And I only saw one Buddha. I happen to think Buddha's make great landscaping features no disrespect intended to the Buddhist. But it's a system. She didn't tell you to worship Buddha. But I also stumbled today on this woman's art journal site that was amazing and Christian so here's a link:

And here's some of her journal pages!

See! Aren't they amazing! How do these people do these amazing pages. And how thick of paper is that? I do coat my paper with 1 of 3 things and sometimes 2 of them:
Liquitex Matte Medium
Liquitex Iridescent Medium
Copic Opaque White

The latter I don't know where I got or what it really is but it works great when I want to obscure the lines or cover bleed throughs that still happen. They happen mainly because the matte medium dries to well I can't always tell if the page has medium on it or not! So silly.

The garden journal would be more to document the plants in the yard that are perennials and need maintenance, track the veggie garden, and keep track of all the important dates to start seeds, transplant, etc. I have already got that info in a bunch of places but that's the problem it needs to be condensed and might as well be pretty. Here's the journal I'll use for that most likely:

And here's a book that has great intentions but can really mess you up as I learned:

See it was written to guide you week by week, but the problem is it doesn't tell you that you'll have to adjust not just for your frost dates BUT also for your length of growing season. Not all grow seasons are the same. Not even close. It's obviously much different here in middle of Illinois than our Northern neighbor Wisconsin not to mention Texas. They don't account for that. OOOPS! If they simply added that info in beginning so you could "adjust" the weeks then it'd be a 5 star book. I digress as usual. 

One more tangent....
This may be my next tattoo along with the letters SBTA which is part of Rescue Diver training... Stop. Breathe. Think. Act. Which I thought are also words to live by. Especially for those of us with AD/HD that tend to skip the first 3. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Back to the Journaling Project: Or the tyranny of choice and ADHD

So I've wanted to do a journal for a long time that is written on paper and not just blogging. But I also thought it would make more sense if it fulfilled somehow my art outlet needs some, writing needs, and most importantly organizing needs. Now I'm trying to decide if that's even possible or asking too much. I don't know yet so I'm gathering information when I should be either typing notes or painting the view but it's my birthday so I'm doing whatever I feel like! So there!

So first I saw and bought this book at Joann's.
No Excuses Journaling and I've been investigating her system. But it definitely led to some OCD moments trying to pick just the right journal to be the base of this project. And I could see it getting pricey. But great ideas and inspiration.

Then when it comes to improving organization and my love of graph paper I saw this on youtube and thought this is a great system and can be done in any kind of notebook for the planning your day, week part, and this method is called the Bullet Journal. Follow link to see youtube video on how to do this. I decided this was way too OCD for me.

So can I combine the art part of the first with the planning/organizing part of the second and not have it be 5 inches thick? Maybe it would be 3 months at a time if it got too big? And then in true ADHD fashion I stumble on this project. 

I completely understand the problem.... The Tyranny of Choice. Those of us with ADHD are haunted constantly by this issue. It is so often paralyzing. And unfortunately on this day, my birthday, I'm right there. 

OK I think I have a plan. I will use the Documented Life Project approach to making the physical planner but may go for one that can be connected by rings like No Excuses uses. I'll use the Bullet Journal Method for organizing my tasks and day to day needs and thoughts. I may take my current planner I have in my purse and take the pages out to do the "assignments" in NO excuses and paste into a Moleskin book with graph paper so I can do all 3 things together and then as Journals fill up I just get new Moleskin book and away I go. Ok so time to do a few notes for work.

Art Journaling and the name Jeanna, Gina, Eugenia

So it's Jeanna Fearon's fault that she got me thinking about doing an art journal of sorts. And then I saw this book called No Excuses Journaling which I bought but then OCD kicked in and I started this obsessed search for the perfect journal to draw on last night on the internet and was up until 2:30 am. Shoot!

So I'm curious to what Jeanna will think about this. I don't want to get caught up in the regimen so much so that it becomes perfectionistic, I just want a way to do art daily without always having to make a mess BUT I also need some structure to get me started or I stare at blank pages. And since the No Excuses artist is also named Gina I could name my project Jumping Gina's.... haha  Which lead me to what does that name mean (obviously OCD worn off, ADHD kicked in)

From http://www.babynamespedia.com/meaning/Gina

Gina is a widely used name; it has 31 variant transcriptions. Variation transcriptions of Gina includeGeanaGeanndraGeenahGeinaGenaeGenahGenai,GenalynGeneaGeneeneGenejaGenelleGenette,GeniaGinGinaiGinamariaGineenGinelleGinette,GinnaGynaJeanaJeannaJeena, and Jena. Other English forms include the spelling variants Geanna,GeenaGena (used in French as well), Ginah, and Jina. Variant forms inherit both the origin and meaning of Gina.

Which then lead to me reading the Gina is also a derivative of Eugenia, then I thought oh like my dad Eugene... sigh. I miss him everyday. Thus 5 minute peek into my brain. Disturbing I know. 

So back to my art journal quest. Perhaps if time and because I forgot to bring my white paint, I will run to Dick Blick or Michael's today and get some paint and a journal. I'd prefer one I could use my Copic markers in as I love them so much. But that requires some fancy paper. I can always use marker paper and get a fancy punch and put it in if I go with one of these ARC or Circa journals.

Oh and look at this cool diagram:

Oh and I really have Gina on the brain because everyone also needs to pray for a patient of mine named Gina that's in the hospital in critical care. Her husband said ask everyone to pray so put her on your list. I've known her since 2000 and she needs all the help she can get right now.

Jeanna, Gina, Eugene.... 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Painting the view

I am attempting to paint our view today.
So far it's going ok I guess. Trying to keep it loose for now. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Celiac Disease and Salicylate Sensitivity Diatribe (Wish I Could Figure Out How to Combine My Blogs)

I need to figure out how to put all my blogs under one blog. Anyone that knows how please chime in. I want one home page that then leads to the line of posts on Home/Remodeling, Landscape/Gardening, Sewing/Knitting/Painting/Crafting, and yet another one on Gluten-free and Salicylate Sensitivity together. Yeah I have been doing SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better since going completely and strictly Gluten Free. BUT then I had 2 days last week where it was same old, same old. Now I realize I could have gotten some gluten without my knowledge. But I also stumbled on to websites talking about Salicylate Sensitivity and diet. DIET? What?

Yes, I have Samter's triad asthma, nasal polyps and aspirin/NSAID sensitivity. I used to go through the family size bottle of ibuprofen for headaches and neck pain a little too fast. And by the end of medical school my sinuses and nasal passages had to be roto-rootered. I had nasal polyps, overgrown turbinates and deviated septum. I had a sinus infection pretty much all the time for over a year. And while I had allergies to cats growing up, now I was allergic to everything. I developed narcolepsy because apparently if you can't breathe through your nose you can't get deep restorative sleep. I was always on antibiotics and frequently oral steroids, which made me unable to sleep and psycho. So I saw ENT and was roto-rootered!

It was not a pleasant experience so when a few years later I started having increased nasal congestion again I panicked and went back to the ENT. He said you're staying off ibuprofen right? Huh? I think I vaguely remembered him walking out the door and saying you might want to avoid aspirin and ibuprofen. But that was it. Keep in mind that was 1993. Then when I returned to see him again probably 1999. So I said not really was I supposed to? Yeah if you don't want to do that surgery again. And try this nasal spray. I took nasal steroids until 2013. Yes 14 years. I really didn't want that surgery again. And I avoided all NSAIDS. My nose has stayed open. But I developed hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, early menopause, and still had wicked irritable bowel syndrome-chronic diarrhea and chronic fatigue.

I diagnosed my mom with Celiac Disease in 1999 or 2000. But then I sent her to GI who did upper and lower endoscopy, CT scan and the whole GI work up again for third time. And yes, the GI doctor  couldn't find a source of bleeding to explain her chronic iron deficiency anemia. Did a single biopsy of her proximal small intestine that did NOT show villous atrophy. So despite horrible osteoporosis that pointed to a secondary cause and unexplained iron deficiency anemia told her you don't have Celiac. So she said great I can still eat wheat. I said NO you can't. She listend to them of course and now she's 4'10". She started out 5' 4". About 5 years ago she developed hypothyroidism also and seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis. What is that? It's when your hands look just like RA but your Rheumatoid Factor in the blood is negative. What do I think it is? Celiac disease associated autoimmune arthritis. But no one listens to me.

So I get my second, or maybe it's my third bone density after going through menopause at the early age of 42 and I've lost 14% of my bone density from my spine. JUST LIKE MY MOM! My Vitamin D level is 12 during the summer after being in the sun all weekend and despite sunscreen having a light sunburn. I'm now also hypothyroid. I'm also HLA DQ2. If you're HLA DQ2 or DQ8 your risk of Celiac goes from 1 in 110 to 1 in 33.

I'm not waiting until I am less than 5 feet tall to test positive for the Celiac antibodies like my mom then for GI to tell me I don't have it. Oh one of my cousins kids have Celiac as well. So back to how this started. I went Gluten-free and going great. Then last week for day and a half I have terrible diarrhea again. I don't know how I landed on a page about salicylate sensitivity and food but I did. So then I hear people with salicylate issues often have trouble with pineapple and berries. That is so me. Berries and Kiwi make me break out around my mouth. Pineapple here is ok but when I'm in Jamaica or California or someplace where it's super fresh after eating it for a few days my stomach is so torn up I can't eat anything. Unfortunately it took me 8 trips to Jamaica and once to California to figure that out. I kept thinking it was just something in Jamaican water or food. Then when it happened after a week in San Diego and they had fresh pineapple every day for breakfast I was like ah-ha!

So I found this list of foods and dang there are too many on it.

Oh boy I wish they would invent that pill meal substitute! I used to be a foodie. Now I'd take a pill and then just once a week I would make something fantastic from scratch that would agree with me and be fine with that.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Another Wardrobe Design

It's hard to see but there's a lot of outfits there. 20 peices I think. Can't decide between last 2 blue blouses.
Have to compare to my prior wardrobe a month ago. I put these peices all together from Twice.

I loved that red sweater with the argyle pattern so when it got snatched up along with the last two tops I started over.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Finally getting somewhere with a sock... Amaranthine Almondine I'll call her!

Now if I could just figure out what they mean by chain stitches at each selvedge edge of the heel flap? Oh wait I think I found the answer! It naturally happens when you slip the first stitch of each row of the flap. Well why didn't they say that. That's what the introductory lessons are for that you skim through because until you get to that part of the sock it doesn't make sense anyway.

I miss my friend Debbie Held from college. Per instagram she's a wicked knitter as well. Just check out this screen shot of her instagram profile.

She may say engineers make good knitters. But clearly linguists have all the style!