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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More Art Journal Pages, Chicago really is a great place and Suicide, the ugly truth

Watching a show called Hidden Chicago, Vanishing Chicago or it may be vice versa. After cemeteries very cool they are now on murals of Chicago and realized that could be a theme for an upcoming month of journal entries. You wouldn't believe all the murals around Chicago and there finding more and more that were painted over and restoring them.

I was going to do diseases in January and left my journal in Chicago for most of the month so it never happened that may happen in future as well.

Did you know they still have elevator operators at the Fine Arts Building in Chicago. And there's still a full service gas station but dernit I didn't get the address or I'd be going there.

This show is so interesting! So many parks in Chicago. I realized when they showed Jackson Park, the park that is on the lakefront of the South Side, that I actually tried to kill myself there. Or planned to do that and passed out before I was able. THANK GOD! And unfortunately then realized shit I guess I tried to do that twice. Forgot about that one. Oh depression, I will take zoloft for the rest of my days to keep you away! Live and learn and better living through chemistry and counseling and art therapy!

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