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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween costume coming along

The skirt is done except for the remaining hand stitching. I thought I could do that while I got my hair done but there were 2 little dogs there and ooops I forgot until after they left with their owner. Also Melissa did a trial run of my hair last night. We decided on a cross between a Victorian Up-Do and Amy Winehorse. Heavy on the latter probably.

It's really quite tall so the picture isn't doing it justice. Doesn't really go with my glasses either. And it's still up today because she doesn't want me to wash my hair so if I took it out I'd have this whack hair and well it's fun to wear different hair why not get 2 days out of it! I also about finished the corset last night. Boning was a b*&^% but it's in. I just have to again hand sew the bias tape around the bottom. THEN I need to find buckles desperately. Still haven't found any and I need 5 1" to 1 1/4" Brass Buckles. 

Then in the process of finding buckles I also felt then I needed a gun. Some of my props I bought on ebay will apparently not make it in time. Sad. I was especially excited about the telescope. But I can work some more on this throughout the year and wear it again next year.

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