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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another Blog? Yes I should somehow just have one but I am a splitter not a lumper.

I wanted a place to post about sewing, knitting and crafts. I also need a place to just journal and I do that through out my other blogs but not sure I should. Who knows!!! I am never happy with how the blogs look I just get frustrated and quit editing and plan to come back to them later.

So anywho this is another work in progress.

I am currently working on a Halloween costume that will be Steampunk and should not be blogging but should be sewing since that's in 4 days.

I joined a knitting club that meets second Tuesday of the month at Karen's house. So I thought I should post about those projects as well. I want to make some of these shawls and such from a book I bought and I also need to make more female friends desperately outside of work. So when Karen invited me to this gathering I jumped at it. Now I was the only one that showed up last time and I do know Karen through work but since we met on the Ethics committee meeting first of all I figure she is fine with us being friends and physician/patient. Afterall she's a nurse as well. And wow she can knit so fast and talk it's very impressive.

She also lost her mom the same time I lost my dad so we shared how we were both still reeling from that and were both surprised how disoriented we were.

So starting a new chapter in life. Not just a doctor. Not just a mom. Not just a wife. Not just a gardener-want-to-be-landscape-architect. BUT also a seamstress and knitter!!!!! Ta dah!

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