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Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Big Clean Up of December 2016!

Many of you know my office has been a disaster for months now, maybe a year. Honestly I can't remember the last time I cleaned it except a Facebook memory came up yesterday that I cleaned it in December 2014. That may have been the last time. Well it was beyond ridiculous and had reached biblical proportions of disorganization so that it finally was to the point I couldn't find anything. I couldn't get anything done. I was in chaos. It was probably all #becauseofjamberry. HAHAHA! We're always sharing stories of great things that happen because of Jamberry but this was one of those not so great things. BUT I set out to change that this month. I bought a labeler last month from the Container Store and it's a life changer! In fact this story should be called #becauseoflabelers!

Well I've figured out the secret for me to be able to clean and reorganize a room is pretty simple.
1. Take everything out of the room. Or almost everything. I didn't take the furniture out because it's heavy and I didn't want to change the layout.

2. Sort into piles all the stuff that belongs together. So I put all the Jamberry stuff in exam room 3. The medical stuff in exam room 4. Other stuff in the hallway. It was a huge mess at first and my assistant, Ian stopped by right about that time and I'm sure he was worried about what Monday would reveal.

3. With all of the crap out of the office I cleaned all the shelves, vacuumed the floor and fired up my old Macbook iTunes spinning mixes.

4. Put stuff back in an organized fashion and purge, purge, purge! I threw away so much stuff. Mostly paper. Articles I meant to read or already read. Now days you can google or library search everything so no reason to keep that stuff. Cleaned out some of my desk drawers and credenza as well so room for stuff to go back in but really tried to throw away the majority of it. 

5. Really thought all the Jamberry stuff would fit on that one long shelf but it didn't and I realized it was hard to get to there. So the Long Shelf Plan became the Wrong Shelf Plan

6. Meanwhile I also had picked up more than just containers at the dollar store. See I got my fancy labeler at the Container Store because you know their labeler has to be best. BUT as to spending Container Store kind of money on containers? Yeah not so much. So to the Dollar Store and while getting containers I also cleaned them out of nail care supplies. Sorry about that.

7. So I made up a Mason Jar Door Prize gift. Just one for now. I needed to get back to cleaning my office. 
8. So I moved everything I need to be able to access daily to above my head. Not the nail application stuff you only need to access that every 2 weeks. Why? Because Jamberry manicures last 2 weeks if you can keep yourself from chainging them just because you can! (The struggle is real.) Current mani!
Teal the Show! LOVE IT! Trushine gel bottom and top coat under and over the lacquer.

9. Ok sorry for the commercial break. Back to the Mailing Station Shelf. The Nail Station Shelf. And the trunk hides my in-home party rolling bag and one-on-one bag. The catalog station shelf. I have already made up packets for in-home parties on my mailing shelf in one of those drawers. I have opportunity packets in those drawers. I have hostess packets IN THOSE DRAWERS!!!! Samples ready to be mailed in those drawers. Thank you's in those drawers. Ok wait that's 5 and I have 4 drawers. Oh the opportunity packets are in same drawer as hostess packets. Whew! Scared myself for a second. And I found my JamCon2016 stickers and figured hey one sheet can go to decorating my mail station. The other one? My new Jambaby Samantha!!!

So I hope you enjoyed my office re-organization and by posting it all here I hope it helps me keep it this way! Thanks! Over and Out!

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  1. LMAO I never knew there was a rug.. Thank God for my BEFORE pictures LOLOL