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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nail Art Studio Showcasing Your Own Designs

Jamberry has made Nail Art Studio so much easier to use and now easier to sell your own designs. Before you had to get people to buy gift cards for $25 even though the selling price was never quite $25 and the more you sold and bought at once the cheaper it got but they still could only buy the $25 gift card in order to buy your design. It was frustrating. So now they will sell for $19.50 and they can buy them from your marketplace direct. This is soooooo much better. So I've jumped in and put up designs I was working on for awhile. Mostly from pictures from my garden or ones I purchased from Shutterstock.
Allium giganteum from my backyard.

Here's the wrap I used it in:

So hopefully this gives you some great ideas for making designs of your own!

But today I thought I'd see how the pastels I've done look as wraps. So the first pastel is Autumn themed and is a field of pumpkins. It's still officially Fall so why not.

Here's some more I may play with today as wraps. Just goofing around for a bit but soon back to work on my visit notes. Always catching up!
 My other project is learning from the Master. Monet or Richard McDaniel. I copy their works in Pastel. Here's a Monet I'm also working on.

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