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Saturday, February 27, 2016

More Byron Lars Stalking... He's such a Fashion-Fabric Artists!

His current line is at byronlarsbeautymark.com and now that I know he's still out there designing I have a new goal. To save up enough money to buy one of his dresses in the future. The hardest thing will be picking just one! Here's some from Spring 2014 and Spring 2015...

This one the top has a Missoni influence.

One of my favorites.

Another Favorite

The man sure knows creative applications for zippers.

So look closer at the detail of this dress below.

Here's some more screenshots of his shows on youtube I captured to show the details.

It just all looks so artistic to me. I would have a hard time knowing when it was done. How does he make it look haute couture and not craftsy? Amazing!

There's embroidery, applique, lasercut fabric along with mixing multiple fabrics like the knit skirt in the background that is all just pure genius. I can't understand why he isn't bigger than he is but I imagine this isn't really suitable for mass production.
This sheer overcoat was made of a crocodile pattern-laminated chiffon! 

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