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Friday, February 26, 2016

Byron Lars My Favorite Designer!!!!!

Ohhh I found my favorite designer again. I must admit I was confused for awhile and thought he had died of AIDS but I was confusing him with Patrick Kelly. Which was also a huge loss of course. BUT Byron Lars is ALIVE and well and still designing.

Here's some of his patterns:

I own this one.

And this one!

I think I have this one but probably not in my current size.

I made this shirt (the white one) and it still hangs in my closet.
Haven't worn for awhile though as it's now too small.
I have this one in my size now!

I made this one or started to for a friend the top right.
But discovered her shoulders were way too broad and abandoned it.

I don't have this one but if I see it in my size on ebay it could happen.

This is probably the only one I wouldn't buy.
So I found this youtube video of his designs from 2013. AMAZING!!! And he currently sells his designs on byronlarsbeautymark.com and anthropologie.

 They're standing in front of his signature expressions of the white shirt. 

Here he is! Still looking great!

And his recent work is even more amazing! Maybe some day I can get one dress!!!! Meanwhile I'll just have to sew them.

And Rylie already has the hair down!!!! LOL

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