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Friday, January 20, 2017

We Have A Wrap For THAT!!!! And some we don't yet!

I've meant to do this for a long time so I'm going to start it today but I probably won't finish it. I've wanted forever to post these amazing manicures on Pinterest and then the Jamberry way to do the same thing. You can imagine, the Jamberry way is MUCH easier and cheaper.

So here's our first one and it's a no brainer. Wonder who had the idea first?

This one would really capture the look if you put it over the sparkle gels or another sparkle wraps.

Ok here's another one:

This one was described on Pinterest as Mermaid Toes. 

We have several ways to achieve this look. The most obvious is the TruShine Gel "Splash". Worn below and displayed on Instagram by @themanimama. Looking Great!

Ane_Li has amazing ideas on Instagram. Here's one of my favorites of her's. Matte Black and Moon Phases....

Yeah we DON'T have a wrap for that. Yet. But it does remind me of Cosmos which has matte black and constellations. 

This is Cosmos and Matte Black. But you could get a glow in the dark polish perhaps and free hand the moon phases? If you are the artistic type over matte black. But then it would be a wrap now would it. 

Ok here's another one of Ane_Li's that reminds me of one of our wraps. 
She used 7, SEVEN different polishes and matte topcoat and then a nail stamper from bundlemonster.com to achieve this beautiful manicure. She has videos on instagram so that you can attempt this yourself. Or how about Autumn Romance. That wrap is very similar. 
Here it is worn by instagrammer michellelieh
If I ever figure out how to take such beautiful pictures of my own manicures I will share that as well. I have a feeling it has a lot to do with lighting. 

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