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Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Nifty Nail Kit Holders!

Because one of my goals of this Jamberry Adventure to give things away, I am making these cute little holders for manicure application kits. First I made a template of what I thought should go in them. Admittedly, I wasn't sure yet what the silver packet or the white square thing were. I wasn't lying when I said I was new to the pretty nails scene.

Then I bought all this flannel from Joann's in 1/4 yard increments. Next time I'll go for 1/3 a yard I think or not. They are about 1/4 yard wide it's just that leaves no wiggle room.

So each 2 patterns designed to complement each other cost me $1.75 a peice but then 20% off of that because I had a 20% off entire purchase coupon! Yeah me! So $3.50 yields 3 holders. I already had interfacing and fusible web at home but did use all that I had before I finished. So when I replenish that I'll add that cost in. Plus thread and sewing machine but those items are not "used up" by my project. Well a couple spools of thread will be by the time it's over. So you get my drift though the cost is LOW! 

Here's are my pattern combinations so far:

The last two pictures show when it's all stitched and then I'm tying them with a long peice of knit yarn made with my "embellish it" spool knitter and yarn I have lying around. It also gives me great pleasure to use up some of this stuff I have put into my sewing and craft room at my mom's rather than just hoarding more and more. 

I gave one away already with matching bean bag to a participant in my Online Launch Party (on Facebook). Well I still have to mail it but you follow me hopefully.

And I sewed up 5 total tonight. Previously I had finished just two and I gave one of those to my daughter, Rylie and one to my bestie, Jeanna Fearon. 

So production has definitely picked up! I can sew about 5 more then I have to pick up more interfacing and fusible web to finish up all the flannel I bought. Then I'll need more flannel. And so on and so on....

But can't wait until next Knit Club night when I'm giving them all one for Christmas!!!! Yippee!

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