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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trillim in Thistle

Trillium (There's is in plume a deeper, cool purple)
I am so close to done with this sweater I started November 26, 2015 and I need to focus on gardening but wow these last rows seem to be taking forever! It took me 3 times to get how to do the ribbing on the body and two times on first sleeve. WOW! My new glasses have helped a lot.

This was when I finally got the broken twisted rib.

Here it is now!!!! 
Yes it is the same color as my bedspread in Peoria. I really love that color!

It's going to match my cat shoes.
Sky scarf is severely  neglected. That's January and I don't remember if I added any rows in February. But I've been recording the sky color in my art journal for later.
Brooklyn Tweed's newest lookbook: Lookbook for Winter 2015

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