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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Back to the Journaling Project: Or the tyranny of choice and ADHD

So I've wanted to do a journal for a long time that is written on paper and not just blogging. But I also thought it would make more sense if it fulfilled somehow my art outlet needs some, writing needs, and most importantly organizing needs. Now I'm trying to decide if that's even possible or asking too much. I don't know yet so I'm gathering information when I should be either typing notes or painting the view but it's my birthday so I'm doing whatever I feel like! So there!

So first I saw and bought this book at Joann's.
No Excuses Journaling and I've been investigating her system. But it definitely led to some OCD moments trying to pick just the right journal to be the base of this project. And I could see it getting pricey. But great ideas and inspiration.

Then when it comes to improving organization and my love of graph paper I saw this on youtube and thought this is a great system and can be done in any kind of notebook for the planning your day, week part, and this method is called the Bullet Journal. Follow link to see youtube video on how to do this. I decided this was way too OCD for me.

So can I combine the art part of the first with the planning/organizing part of the second and not have it be 5 inches thick? Maybe it would be 3 months at a time if it got too big? And then in true ADHD fashion I stumble on this project. 

I completely understand the problem.... The Tyranny of Choice. Those of us with ADHD are haunted constantly by this issue. It is so often paralyzing. And unfortunately on this day, my birthday, I'm right there. 

OK I think I have a plan. I will use the Documented Life Project approach to making the physical planner but may go for one that can be connected by rings like No Excuses uses. I'll use the Bullet Journal Method for organizing my tasks and day to day needs and thoughts. I may take my current planner I have in my purse and take the pages out to do the "assignments" in NO excuses and paste into a Moleskin book with graph paper so I can do all 3 things together and then as Journals fill up I just get new Moleskin book and away I go. Ok so time to do a few notes for work.


  1. Just thought uh oh needs to be my garden journal too.

  2. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am now exhausted after reading the post LOLOLOLOL ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY....I hope you have an AWESOME trip <3 <3 <3