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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Needlecase and my first felting

Actually I'm currently doing  the second piece I'm knitting to felt. But I still haven't "felted" the first either. I keep debating if I can wash together in machine or should keep separate. I may put in pillowcases at least so they don't get tangled or intermingled. This is the first piece to the left.
This is the designed I plotted out on my phone for second one. I am adding the veins as I go despite what I wrote on top but I expect I'll go over them a second time after done.

I'm trying to start out slow but I really want to work up to doing something really amazing!  I would like to make one of these incredible scarves I saw on pinterest using the process of Nuno felting. I even downloaded a kindle book on how to do it and it sounds like fun and very cathartic. You punch holes with needles in things and suds them up with soap and water and stuff. 
Here's one that the link works:

Here are more pictures from Pinterest.... none of these did the link work or it took you to a weird page where you were stuck but was not helpful.

Ok finally finished the knitting and the weaving in of the ends along with adding extra embellishment before throwing in the washer and then I washed them and whallah!

Unfortunately my sewing machine wasn't cooperating but at 9 pm it was too late to finish today anyway. I really like the multicolored edging on the greenish yellow one. The variegated yarn is awesome. My design is eh ok. I think I should have just made it solid and added the design over the top later and also not made it so symmetrical. In fact if I were to do it again I might even felt it without the leaves then add them as a type of cross-stitch pattern so they would shape better than re-felt them if that's possible? I just don't know if it is.

So I may use stitch witch and just glue under the fabric ends and then figure out all the pockets and see fi sewing machine will at least cooperate with sewing through 2 peices of fabric. Tonight it struggled with tension for just one layer and no matter how I adjusted it, I couldn't get it right. Of course, my mom was trying to have a conversation with me during this and not happy that Rylie didn't come over today to see her and wasn't wearing her hearing aids. So it went well right! NOT! Have to admit I'd probably sew a lot more if I could put craft room here. When Joe moves out... his room will be my craft room if I can swipe it before Pat.

Finished one of them finally!

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